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Common areas

Condominiums are one of the popular buildings in the USA. They are similar to apartments but can also be owned. Individuals or a group own the condos and share the common assets. Common areas include the land built itself, hallways, stairs, mail box areas, roof, siding, gutters, and so on. Condos are guided by the city rules and Home owner association bylaws.



Condo roofs are a common asset and the maintenance guidelines are given by the home owner association. The association details the type and material of the roof installed and often they may also specify the roofing contractor as well. The home owner association document clearly defines the maintenance fees and the roofing services covered under the fees. The condo roof undergoes extreme weathers and needs proper maintenance.


Condo roofs face challenges in terms of ownership of the roof and taking care of the roof. Each party assumes that the other group is going to take care of the roof. If a condo is rented and any damage occurs to the roof, the association needs to take care of the roof. However, since the condo is also owned, the owners too face a liability to take care of the roof repair or roof damage. After every storm or hail, the roof inspection must be done by a certified roofer. In general, a member of the home owner association is present when the inspection is in progress and the guidelines to perform the inspection are also predetermined by the association.

Additional rules with regards to performing a repair, insurance claim, type of material to be used, and so on are also specified. Further, if a condo is further rented or sub-leased, the person responsible for the condo roof repair is highly ambiguous. If a condo has two levels, and the damage is caused to the roof, whether the first floor owner is responsible or the ground floor person also will be responsible is not clear. In addition, if only one side of the condo roof is damaged, whether the owner of the undamaged part should also pay for the repair remains controversial.

Who is Responsible?

Condo roofs often face the biggest question of who is responsible for fixing any roofing issues.

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